Sunstruck Blog: The Archives

This site originally began as a blog as I was going through a bad breakup back in 2015. Writing has always helped me process my emotions and move forward, so I used the blog as a way to cope and to keep myself accountable for the ways that I wanted to use the energy of that breakup to forward and better my life. I have learned and experienced a great deal since then, and I hold firm that this blog was a big reason for that. Here are those archived posts, chronicling the becoming of a new woman after heartbreak through travel, trying new things, and pushing myself to be better and happier in every aspect of life. In that time, I discovered yoga and rock climbing (both of which I am still into today), began a tradition with my dad to visit the national parks together yearly, traveled abroad to Thailand and Iceland, lost the only two grandparents I’d ever known, pushed myself out of my comfort zone by taking improv classes, landed my dream job, and came back to myself after what felt like a long time of surviving but not thriving. The blog concluded as I began my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in March of 2018, only 2.5 years after this blog began.


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