A Tale of a Muddy Trail, and Muddier Relationships

This post first appeared on TheTrek.co on August 10, 2018.  I have a lot of feelings about Vermont. Or rather, I had a lot of feelings in Vermont. Some were good, some were bad. Either way, I don’t think I could write honestly about my experience there without sharing them. So, I’ll start with theContinue reading “A Tale of a Muddy Trail, and Muddier Relationships”

A New Kind of Journey

“Saraswati, Senior Dharma Yoga instructor will bathe students in sound healing on the deepest levels while laying in Shavasana to the sound of the Crystal Alchemy Bowls & Gongs.” This was the description of the “sound journey” that I went to at my yoga studio a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know, itContinue reading “A New Kind of Journey”

Hello, new and old friends! The beginnings of a blog.

It’s a funny thing about breakups. Somehow, once you start to get over the intense sadness and desperation and intense loneliness that breakups initially gift you with, you somehow become like the energizer bunny – suddenly free to accomplish anything you could possibly dream of in the world. And man, do you start to dream.Continue reading “Hello, new and old friends! The beginnings of a blog.”