Gear List: What’s in my Backpacking Kit?

I get asked this question a lot—people love to geek out on gear! So I’m going to make it easy on you and give you a list. If you have any questions or need advice on gear, just ask! Backpack: Used the Osprey Aura on the AT, and have now switched to the Gossamer Gear Mariposa. I lovedContinue reading “Gear List: What’s in my Backpacking Kit?”

Five Amazing Summer Hikes Within an Hour of Boulder, Colorado

Love hiking? Then you have got to plan a visit to Boulder, Colorado! Here are my five recommendations for amazing not-to-miss hikes within an hour of Boulder.

Six Lessons I Learned By Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

In 2018, after seven years of living and working on a public relations career in Washington, D.C., I quit my dream job to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail (AT). The next six months went by in a flash. Day in and day out, I trudged up and over mountains, in extreme cold and sweltering heat, through swarms of mosquitos, in sickness and in health, through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. These are the lessons I learned from doing so.

How to Take Your First Backpacking Trip

Want to try out backpacking but don’t know where to start? Then this post is for you! I go through the nitty gritty – where to start, how to choose a trail, how to plan your trip, and what to bring to get you out hiking and camping for an overnight or more.

10 Ways to Save for Your Next Adventure

Want to go on a great adventure? Whether that means thru-hiking a long trail (like me – I’m gunning for the Pacific Crest Trail next!), backpacking through Europe, or living in Bali for six months, you better save that money, honey! I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year and a half readingContinue reading “10 Ways to Save for Your Next Adventure”

Five Lessons I Learned By Moving to Colorado in my Thirties

Moving to a new city as an adult is hard. Really hard. The seven years that I lived in Washington, D.C., before quitting my job and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail were an emotional roller coaster, for certain; there were career ups and downs and falling outs with friends, but moving there was never hard. IContinue reading “Five Lessons I Learned By Moving to Colorado in my Thirties”

How to Spend Three Days Hiking and Camping Around Moab, Utah

This post first appeared on on April 22, 2019. Now that I’ve moved out to Colorado, Western wilderness adventures are that much more accessible. To keep myself sane while working a desk job and dreaming of my next long trail, I’m doing my best to take advantage of the geography. This past weekend, IContinue reading “How to Spend Three Days Hiking and Camping Around Moab, Utah”

Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Virginia Blues on the Appalachian Trail

This post first appeared on on February 1, 2019.  Appalachian Trail thru-hiker hopefuls, strap in. You’re headed for a wild, beautiful, life-altering, incredibly meaningful, and downright magical ride. I remember the beginning of the trail vividly. You’re nervous, you’re excited, you’re meeting people, so many people, every single day. At the welcome center atContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Virginia Blues on the Appalachian Trail”

How to Hike West Virginia’s Cranberry Wilderness

This post first appeared on on November 21, 2018. I’ve been going through trail withdrawal hard since finishing my AT thru-hike in September. With winter quickly approaching and hiking season winding down, I decided to peel myself off my couch and do something about it. I finally checked off a bucket list item andContinue reading “How to Hike West Virginia’s Cranberry Wilderness”

The Comedown from Katahdin: Recovering From the Appalachian Trail and the Post-Trail Blues

This post first appeared on on October 12, 2018.  It’s been about a month since I finished my thru-hike. I’ve been wanting to write—wanting to put into words what it all meant to me, but I’ve struggled to pick up the pen (or, you know, keyboard). The Post-Trail Blues I’ve struggled with a lotContinue reading “The Comedown from Katahdin: Recovering From the Appalachian Trail and the Post-Trail Blues”