How to backpack to Aspen, Colorado’s Conundrum Hot Springs

Have you ever hiked to a natural hot spring, soaking your sore muscles in a natural hot tub on a mountainside while enjoying the view of the valley below? I have now that I’ve backpacked to Conundrum Hot Springs near Aspen, Colorado! This hike is AWESOME!! The trail is gorgeous, with views for days, dreamy aspen forests, and abundant wildflowers in the summer months, and come on, who doesn’t want to end their hike in a natural hot spring?! 10/10 would definitely recommend adding this to your bucket list!

This trail is a moderate 18-mile out and back trail that an experienced hiker could do in one day, but it’s great fun to camp up near the springs, so I would recommend doing this as an overnight backpacking trip. I would also recommend bringing along such water-friendly shoes, such as Tevas or Chacos, as the trail passes over a couple of river crossings. However, this trail does deal with overuse, so in order to backpack here, you MUST get a permit in advance, which includes locking in a certain campsite ahead of time. You can find information about permits/ reserving campsites here.

2021 Permit Dates:

February 15 – Permits available for April 1 – July 31

June 15 – Permits available for August 1 – November 30

October 15 – Permits available for December 1 – March 31 PLEASE take care of this incredible wilderness if you visit!

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Published by Audrey

Hi! My name is Audrey, otherwise known as Glowstick on trail. I've always been into hiking, adventuring, and the outdoors, but these things took a backseat as I worked on my career in public relations for several years in Washington, D.C. In 2018, I decided that I was discontent with city life. Instead of working on my career, I needed to work on my happiness. So, I reprioritized. I quit my (amazing) job at World Wildlife Fund, thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, and relocated to beautiful Boulder, Colorado, where I work in climate communications and climb mountains every chance that I get.

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